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Pandemics Breed Fear. Empathy is the Cure.

In normal times, society rolls out of bed in the morning with one certainty: the course of the day is uncertain....

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Making an American King: Donald Trump and the Unitary Executive Theory

Donald Trump thinks he is above the law. The Supreme Court might agree. When a Manhattan district attorney...

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Guest Post - The Coronavirus Illustrates the Importance of a Strong Social Safety Net

Imagine how utterly screwed we would be if the people losing their jobs due to coronavirus were left with no...

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16 Dead Irishmen - The History & Legacy of the 1916 Easter Rising

This week marks the one hundred and fourth anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Also known as the Easter Uprising,...

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Yes, Calling COVID-19 "The Chinese Virus" is Racist

As the coronavirus forces thousands of Americans into intensive care units and unemployment offices, President Trump...

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Cruel and Unusual: Fixing America's Coronavirus Prisons

Punishing someone proportionally to their crime is a pillar of civilized society. The 8th Amendment, which forbids...

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Only Medicare-For-All Can Break the Coronavirus Cycle

As the United States’s coronavirus death toll continues to climb, even surpassing China’s reported fatalities, many...

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Trump Can't Scapegoat the Coronavirus

Pandemics don’t break societal institutions; they reveal which ones were already broken. Along with exposing a...

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Gates of Fire and the Unique Ability of Historical Fiction


Due to its over-the-top, blood-and-guts-galore representation in the 2006 film 300, few would expect any medium of...

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Football is a Combat Sport

Knocked unconscious, the motionless body of Mason Rudolph lies in the center of the arena, the object of focus for...

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