I voted for Bernie in the last two Democratic Primaries for my state. I would vote for him again. No other public figure has done as much to shift the paradigm of human concern to a center of dignity for all than Bernie Sanders.

I think the Squad often engages in theatrics and drama that is unhelpful.

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Alright, here are my thoughts on what "The Squad" means for the future of Left politics.

To start, I think we - myself included - put too much stock in their 2018 elections. It was amidst the Trump Presidency, and I'll admit, I took AOC's victory over the establishment incumbent as a sign that the American people were ready to move past the neoliberalism of the Democratic Party in favor of a more Progressive agenda.

So while I've come to realized that none of these 4 Congresswoman will be a savior, it does still signal to me that the there are sizable parts of this country that want something different. I think this is evident in the number of voters who voted for Obama in '08, then Trump in '16, then showed interest in Bernie's '20 campaign.

So now, I don't think any individual will be the next torchbearer after Bernie. But what I do think is the election of more and more left-leaning (though still imperfect) politicians shows that there is the first steps to making a Leftist coalition to advocate for Progressive politics inside the American electoral system.

What do you think?

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Clearly some people like what Bernie is selling, but I doubt it will ever be a majority of the electorate. The dems knew he would lose even to as awful candidate as Trump was.

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