So sick of the Dems being cowards. They allowed SCOTUS to overturn the 2000 election without a fucking peep. They allowed Moscow Mitch to run roughshod over them. Now they're allowing Alito to do the same thing. Are we sure they're actually working for us🧐🤔

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I'm increasingly convinced Democrats letting the Republicans steal the 2000 election will be understood as a major turning point in our country.

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Agreed but it's only one incident of many. Ford pardoning Nixon. Reagan, Shrubs Sr. and Jr. not prosecuted for their crimes. Dick Cheney, not prosecuted for his crimes. The Wall Street bankers, not prosecuted for their crimes. And throw in the ridiculous impeachment of Clinton.

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It's certainly one step of many! I just think it's the biggest leap towards decay, if that makes sense.

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Yes it does. Call it the culmination of the previous rot.

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You have a great point there.

In all the years that they had majority rule in both the House, the Senate and the White House they haven't done anything to give the majority of the whole U.S. what they overwhelmingly want. That's because they have TWO faces. One that says they can't and one, we don't hear, that says they won't.

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The Democrats, if they actually wanted to win, would make billionaire Trump owners like Singer and Crow and Carl Icahn and Bob Mercer into the "faces of the Republican Party".

Were Paul Singer's business history even incompletely exposed, it would sicken a large majority of this nation's voters, even right-wing ones.

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Yea, the one think Americans agree on is disliking rich people and corruption. It would be a winning strategy, but I think individual politicians view themselves above the party. Pissing off rich donors would surely loose them donations. That's just my assumption.

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This really makes me feel sick.

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Are you talking about the same democrats that sponsor a holocaust and invite the 21st century polish hitler to congress?

The dems that are corrupt to the core and bought by a foreign agency?

The ones who will wage forever war in Ukraine to fill the pockets of their donors?

The ones that blew up nord stream in a terror attack and wrecked Germany's economy?

The ones who dismantled free speech and yet preach about the orange fascist being worse than their fascism?

The ones who threaten to stop the world food program, and starv millions of children, because they can?

Yeah, they definitely gonna save the day... /s

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🥷🏼🩸❓WTF has ANY PARTY AFFILIATION to do with the CRIMINALLY Depraved ZioNazis GLOBAL OCCUPATION of Constitutional-Representative-Government❓🩸🥷🏼




a highly sophisticated FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE UNIT TARGETS INNOCENT ProPalestine People around the world


🩸Was JFK the LAST President to be Enraged at ‘Zionist Control’ Extorted through Campaign Contributions?

▪️From Seymour Hersh’s 1991 book “The Samson Option: Israel’s Nuclear Arsenal and American Foreign Policy”:

As an American citizen he was outraged,’ Bartlett recalled, ‘to have a Zionist group come to him and say: “We know your campaign is in trouble.  We’re willing to pay your bills if you’ll let us have control of your Middle East policy.'” 

Kennedy, as a presidential candidate, also resented the crudity with which he’d been approached.  ‘They wanted control,’ he angrily told Bartlett.


▪️Mossad killed Kennedy b/c he got Ben Gurion replaced over Gurion’s refusal to end nuclear tests & proliferation.

Martin Sandler Editor of LETTERS OF JFK


▪️Full Film:

“Israel and the Assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers"


🩸 https://www.mintpressnews.com/tag/pegasus/


see: Politico, Assosiated Press etc Obituaries of Sheldon Adelson


On the same day, Israeli forces shot and killed dozens of Palestinians and wounded hundreds during mass protests along the Gaza border against the embassy’s move from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

▫️It was by far the deadliest day of cross-border violence since a devastating 2014 war between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas.



Trump told the Palestinians, “We’re not paying until you make a deal.”



Then Tried To Hide It 🔥

▪️Trump Revoked Obama Rule On Reporting Drone Strike Deaths.

▫️There were 2,243 drone strikes in the first TWO years of the Trump presidency, compared with 1,878 in Mr Obama's EIGHT years in office, according to the UK-based, Bureau of Investigative Journalism


▪️Bombings escalated under Obama PEAKED under Trump: example :

▫️30,743 bombs were dropped in Iraq and Syria during 2016 under Obama

39,577 bombs were dropped in Iraq and Syria during 2017 under Trump


▫️for Afghanistan, Obama averaged a yearly 3,276. Trump averaged a yearly 5,194.



CODE PINK Grand Total = 337,055 bombs and missiles dropped 2001 through 2021.


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Democrats can’t fix everything alone. It’s not sustainable. They can’t be the Progressive party and the Conservative Party at the same time. Our democracy has never worked that way. It takes the second party to operate in good faith in order to get anything done about a sitting lifetime appointment and have any hope of democrats willing major elections.

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We don't need a second party🙄 Progressive ideas are incredibly popular NATIONALLY. The Conservatives have to cheat to win because their policies suck. Haven't you figured this out yet. It's a scam.

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The majority of people don’t vote for policies they vote based on their emotions. See the facts and the reality we live in. It’s not a scam it’s human psychology.

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Dude, it's a fucking scam. You actually think the Democrats are working for us🤣 They're working for their corporate masters. They had 50 YEARS to codify Roe. Still no universal healthcare. Through Israel has it thanks to our tax dollars. Biden is against it. Biden is also against expanding SCOTUS. He's building Trump's wall and opened up more of Alaska for UNNECESSARY oil drilling. His crime bill has caused immense harm to POC and he signed on the bill disallowing student loan debt to be discharged via bankruptcy. Which contributed to the student loan debt crisis. His latest immigration policy tracks with Trump's. Clinton signed NAFTA decimating blue collar areas. He also repealed the Glass-Stegal Act leading to the housing market crash. Obama didn't prosecute Shrub Jr. or Dick Cheney and their cronies. He also allowed the corrupt Wall Street bankers walk free. The Democrats allowed SCOTUS to overturn a free, and fair election without a fight. They also allowed Moscow Mitch to run roughshod over them much like they're allowing Alito, Thomas, and Roberts to do so now. Reagan wasn't prosecuted either. He meddled in his election by making a deal with Iran to hold on to the hostages until after the election. The ruling class owns the politicians, the judges, and the security apparatus. Our cops have been heavily militarized and they're building cop cities around the country. In other words we're fucked.

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This is exactly what autocrats would want you to believe. Everyone is corrupt, the system is broken, you’re powerless, …… and only they can fix it. It’s called a “false dilemma”—it’s a classic logical fallacy and propaganda tactic.

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Those are FACTS🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Dear god man, have you been living under a fucking rock🤣 Even George Carlin pointed this out:


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Judicial whores, GLOBALLY, BOUGHT n PAID FOR by MossadOWNED, ZioNazi CorporateFascist “Politicians” to PimpOut Constitutional-Representative-democracy to the Highest Paying Bidders.

As CRIMINALLY Depraved an OCCUPATION of democratic governance as ZioNaziIsraelz OccupationOfPalestine. ALL Humanity THEIR Victims~ NOT vice versa

Just ONE piece of Anti-democracy, TotalitarianFascist Evidence, for WHY a Millionaire-Billionaire-Trillionaire, WEALTH $$upremacy MUST NEVER BE PERMITTED TO EXIST~

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