Personally, I think the Supreme Court is the biggest obstacle to the United States becoming a true democracy. The Justices are unelected, politically-appointed, and are subject to no oversight by any of the other branches. They are functionally unimpeachable, all powerful rulers of our society, and they almost always come from the upper class.

Ideally, I would like to see the Supreme Court returned to its original role of settling disputes between states, ambassadors, and other niche areas. This would mean stripping them of the self-appointed power of judicial review, by which they determine if the actions of democratically elected Presidents and legislators are "unconstitutional."

Unfortunately, it is unlikely we get a recourse that drastic from the Democratic party. I'll take any additional oversight or disempowering of the Court, though I remain steadfast that drastic change is necessary.

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Expanding the court seems like the least we can do, but even that... you can't change the system with the system sadly

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I would like to see the court expanded, and a limit on terms (6 years? 12?).

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