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Sean (NC)

Found you breaking down the Rubin book somehow?

Excited about The Rehearsal, currently

More Book reviews (and finish the Rubin!)

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Hi Joe I'm Sonja and I live in Albany NY. Former professional musician turned lawyer. I like to read JoeWrote because a law school friend recommended Joe as a great guide to understand Socialism from a worker-centered perspective. (My friend was right, thank you Joe!) Right now I'm excited about everything everywhere all at once, nope, learning how to play chess, dancing bachata, and starting a new job at the public defender.

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I’m Kevin and I’m currently living in the Madison, WI area. I couldn’t find a place to share music I love with like-minded people, so I built it.

I read what Joe writes because while I don’t always agree with Joe’s ideas/solutions, I like that they make me think. Except for nationalizing airlines. :)

There are a ton of new records coming out over the next few months that I’m looking forward to.

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I'll kick us off!

I'm Joe, and I live in Denver. I write JoeWrote because Socialism is often painted as a fantasy: "hippies and dreamers who just need to 'grow up' and 'don't understand economics.'" That sort of thing. I want to explain how these policies are practical, obtainable, and beneficial. I'm super passionate about movies and television, so you'll see some cultural coverage in here. Speaking of, I'm excited for the new PREY movie. (Which maybe I'll write about??)

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