Joe, we recently had a discussion about Yellowstone on The Red Room Podcast. When I created that show with my partner, we wanted to construct a forum that invited lovers of TV to have a place where their voice could be heard. I came to your work through you. You reached out via Twitter DM and asked to be welcomed into our humble little show. That was all it took to reveal your character and depth to me, and I was in, my friend.

In the brief time I've known you, and read your work, I find you to be an intelligent and sensitive human being that is committed to the Common Good through kindness and building a better world together with all people.

You have a powerful way of connecting different topics of study and I find you to have a keen analytical direction in your writing that I find appealing. I think you fit nicely into the category of New Critic, where the writer only writes about the things that give them pleasure or an experience of transcendence. Because of this, I look forward to reading your writing for years to come.

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Thanks JB! I super appreciate your kind words, and having me on Red Room! I'm glad I found someone to share my love of TV with! I look forward to your future episodes, and hopefully we can do it again someday!

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