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Hadn’t thought of socialism like this before! Thanks for sharing!

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Very well explained. My understanding is that the exploitative robber barons of this age also would like to usher in socialism, but to take away people's agency, self-determination. Also, there's a book that states that toward the end, the USSR's greatest minds at the table ultimately had to admit they couldn't understand key ideas of Marx. Marx had his own blind-spots. It was a great betrayal in 1918 to dive head first into a system they didn't take the time to realize they couldn't fully comprehend, not even on a theoretical level. Forgot the name of the book. So the challenge now is to lift the blind spots and be clear eyed. Why, for example, precisely did these ideas run into major snags and miseries and real harm to human beings on a wide scale in the kibbutzim, which you will never read about?

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Love it! Thank you, Joe.

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