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[Audio Interview] Omar from the Colorado Palestine Coalition

[Audio Interview] Omar from the Colorado Palestine Coalition

How average Americans can support Palestine.

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This is an interview with Omar, a leader of the Colorado Palestine Coalition (CPC).

The CPC is a grassroots organization that unites Coloradans of all backgrounds and political affiliations into a unified front campaigning for the liberation of Palestine. The group has been incredibly effective, leading mass rallies in Denver’s streets and counter-protesting the recent Global Conference for Israel. But with that effectiveness comes hostility: The ADL has attempted to smear the CPC as a hate group (it’s not), and someone tried to assassinate one of its most vocal members.

A picture I took at the CPC’s counter Global Conference for Israel rally in Denver.

Even if you’re not in Colorado, I encourage you to listen to this interview. Omar does a fantastic job explaining how average Americans can support Palestine, no matter where they are located or their prior political experience. He shares knowledge about how Israel spreads its oppressive tactics around the globe (including to the U.S.), little things we can do to aid the movement, and a helpful way to contextualize the Palestinain struggle.

Omar speaks at a CPC rally in Denver, CO.

You can support the Colorado Palestine Coalition by following them on their various platforms and signing up for their email list.



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In Solidarity — Joe

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