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What is JoeWrote?

JoeWrote offers a leftist view of the world, which is typically overlooked by mainstream media. We explore socialist policies, explore current events, learn how lesser-known historical events shaped the modern world, and discuss culture and entertainment. Whether you’re a dedicated leftist or just curious about alternatives to our capitalist society, JoeWrote is the place to learn about new ideas and expand your worldview.

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What Can Readers Expect from JoeWrote?

I publish two articles a week along with occasional bonus content. One article is free and the other is reserved for premium members. Generally speaking, my articles fall into one of four categories:

#1 Explanations of Socialist and Progressive Policies

While there is no shortage of progressive news outlets, few describe what a socialist society would look like and how it would work. This leaves the progressive movement without a clear goal for the society we aim to build. JoeWrote provides this clarity by explaining how socialist and progressive policies would work, so we can envision and advocate for material change.

#2 Discussion of Current Events

While I don’t break news or rush to my computer every time there’s a fresh story, I do offer my opinion on topical stories. In doing so, JoeWrote provides readers with context they might not hear elsewhere so they can better understand the sources of conflict and the motivations of current actors.

#3 Show how history connects to the current day

Humans are creatures of the moment. With our media focused on what’s happening right now, it can be difficult for us to see the full picture — How did society get to this place? Was there anything we could have done differently? What mistakes and successes can we learn from the past?

These are important questions, which is why JoeWrote explores lesser-known history to explain how it created our modern world. From the origins of Zionism to the American-Russian Shock Doctrine, JoeWrote helps readers understand the history that built our present so we may better address the problems we face today.

#4 A unique leftist take on culture and entertainment

Culture is both a reflection and director of our politics. Movies, television, sports,  books, and video games shape the way audiences view and respond to the world around them.

JoeWrote analyses entertainment to help readers better understand and enjoy what we watch, play, and read. By connecting our entertainment to the real world, we gain a deeper knowledge of both fiction and reality. I’m a huge nerd, so I love geeking out about this stuff.

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I always welcome feedback, so feel free to reach out with any ideas or content suggestions.

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