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[PODCAST] Interview with an Anonymous Starbucks Worker
[PODCAST] Interview with an Anonymous Starbucks Worker
The first in the JoeWrote podcast series.

Starbucks Stories - Stories to inspire and nurture the human spirit

Hey folks! I’m happy to share the inaugural JoeWrote podcast.

This first episode is an interview with a unionizing Starbucks worker. Though Starbucks unions are headline news, we seldom hear the workers’ stories or what drove them to unionize. We discussed:

  • The state of the union effort,

  • The challenges facing Starbucks’ workers,

  • Corporate’s union-busting tactics, and

  • What consumers can do to help union workers.

I also shared my plans for using JoeWrote podcasts going forward. Though I love to write, I’ll be using an audio format to conduct interviews, hear from special guests, and create more relaxed content (movie reviews, hangouts, etc.).

These will mostly be for premium subscribers, so I encourage you to upgrade so you don’t miss out.

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Enjoy! - Joe


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