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The 10 Most Insane Events of 2023

4 Reasons You Should Give the Gift of JoeWrote

History Unknown: The WWI Christmas Truce & Why It Matters Today

[Audio Interview] Omar from the Colorado Palestine Coalition

Talking Israel-Palestine & Independent Writing on "The Our World Podcast"

Substackers Against Nazis

Here's Why American Labor Unions Are Calling for a Ceasefire in Gaza

Holy S#!T — This State Government is Actually Doing Good Things

Talking Israel-Palestine & Media Propaganda on "The Intervention" Podcast

With Allies Like These, Who Needs Enemies?

200 Years of the Monroe Doctrine

History Unknown: The Assassination of Luis Carrero Blanco

🎉Celebrating 1,000 Subscribers & Introducing "Pay What You Can"🎉

ALIEN — The SciFi Classic With A Warning For The Working Class

How To Write a Muslim Character

On Palestine, The Media Is Doing EXACTLY What It Did With Iraq

Antisemitism Is A Real Threat. But It Comes from the Pro-Israel Right, Not the Pro-Palestine Left.

Capitalism Broke My Brain. This ‘Alabama’ Song Helped Me Fix It.

There Is No "Western World."

Zionism 101: History, Theory, & Practice

The History of Science Fiction

Guns Shouldn't Be Commodities

"Biden Has Blood on His Hands" — An Interview with Congressional Candidate Pervez Agwan

According to The UN Genocide Convention, Israel is Committing Genocide in Gaza.

LinkedIn's Obnoxious Culture Comes From A Lack of Class Consciousness

Re: An Open Letter on Artificial Intelligence

Don't You Hate It When Gunfire "Unfolds"?

Opportunity to Purchase Laws Are a Viable Path to a Worker-Owned Economy

What Separates Terrorism From Legitimate Resistance?

There are no Slaves in Esteria. Only Masters.

Annotated Essay: Albert Einstein’s “Why Socialism?”

[In "The Progressive"] The GOP Is A Fascist Party

Violence in Israel-Palestine Is A Choice.

The Right Has Made “Free Speech” A Meaningless Term

An Open Letter on Artificial Intelligence

The Big Three Automakers Could Accept Every UAW Demand And Still Be Extremely Profitable

September Round Up: Worth a Read, Worth a Look, Worth a Listen

American Empire Didn’t “Come Home.” It Began Here.

The National Parks Service is a Successful Program that Proves Government Works Well

The History of Science Fiction — Part IV

The History of Science Fiction — Part III

Saudi Arabia (Probably) Did 9/11

A 1-minute Premium Reader Survey

401(k)s Are Failing Americans.

The History of Science Fiction — Part II

Fame Is No Protection Against Exploitation.

What Would You Do If Every Week Was a 4-Day Workweek?

Labor Day Analysis: The Labor Movement's Wins & Losses

August Round Up: Worth a Read, Worth a Look, & Worth a Listen

[BONUS] The History of Science Fiction

Raining on the BRICS Parade

The UPS Teamsters Contract is a Win for Workplace Democracy

Maine Could Become the First State with a Publicly Owned Power Company

Canada's Healthcare Wait Times Are Grossly Over Exaggerated

No, Rich People Don't Move When Their Taxes Go Up.

Shocking! Utah Reduced Homelessness by Giving People Homes.

How Markets & Central Planning Will Work Together in a Socialist Society.

The Top Takeaways from the 2023 DSA National Convention

How the Power Imbalance of Capitalist Workplaces Makes Crappier Products.

Rather Than Let Ohio Vote on Abortion Rights, the GOP is Trying to Stop Democracy.

July Roundup: Worth a Read, Worth a Look, & Worth a Listen

Enclosure Is Still Happening

[In Jacobin] Rein in Sports-Betting Profiteers

The Origin of Capitalism: The Enclosure Movement

[BONUS] Book Review: The Expanse

Why It Is CRUCIAL For Americans to Support the Hollywood Strike.

Capitalist Societies Are Never Fully Capitalist, As Capitalism Requires the State to Survive.

The First Socialist Constitution

Dream Jobs For All

[In Westword] How Redistricting Impacted Denver’s District 9 City Council Race

An Introduction to Co-Determination: Putting Worker Representatives on Company Boards

June Roundup

War for Profit: The Wagner Group & The Growing Role of Private Military Companies in 21st Century War

The United States Does Not Need An All-Powerful Supreme Court

[Book Review] There Will Be Fire: Margaret Thatcher, the IRA, and Two Minutes That Changed History

Clinton, Putin, and The "Good Guy vs. Bad Guy" Fallacy of American Foreign Policy

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An Ode to Sports

A Quick Thought on the Potential of RFK Jr.

Answering the Question, "How Would Small Businesses Work Under Socialism?"

The Debt Ceiling Deals Increases Means Testing, Which Wastes Money and Hurts Poor Americans.

[Friday Discussion] What do you think we should do about the Supreme Court?

The Glacier Northwest Decision Puts Profits Over People

[UNLOCKED] There's No "Woke Capitalism." Only Capitalism.

Cops at Pride & The Dangerous Whitewashing of Queer History.

Father's Day Sale! Autographed Copies of "Imperial Sundown" Are 20% Off!!!

[BONUS] My Answer to the Question, "What Do We Do With Derek Chauvin?"

Capitalism: The Show

Introducing Dissidents Day — A Holiday Dedicated to the Anti-War Veterans The American Empire Pretends Don’t Exist.

May Digest

A Quick Thought On the Presidential Chances of Ron DeSantis

Case Study: Under Socialism, Walmart Workers Would Get a 20% Raise.

[In Balls & Strikes] Americans Love Unions. The Supreme Court’s Conservatives Are Gutting Them

First, They Came for the Trans Kids.

America's Childcare System Is Broken. Bringing Back The Program We Used During WWII Could Fix It.

The WGA Strike & The Leftward Shift of American Television

A Quick Thought On Trump's CNN Town Hall

We Used to Tax the Rich at 91%. It Worked, and We Should Do It Again.

How The American Economy Was Centrally Planned During World War II.

Sunday Funday | April Recap

[BONUS] America's Obsession with World War II (And Why I Decided to Write a Book About It).

Capitalism Requires Sexism, Patriarchy, & The Unpaid Domestic Labor of Women. Here's How We Fix That.

Are Teslas & Electric Cars Really Better for the Environment? An Examination.

[Discussion] Bernie's New Book — Should Leftists Try to "Transform" the Democratic Party?

How The Supreme Court (& Congress) Killed Unions.

May Day: What It Is & Why It Matters

Explaining the Phrase "There's No Ethical Consumption Under Capitalism."

We Need to Outlaw Private Jets.

"The Case for Economic Democracy" [Complete Volume]

If We Want to Build Labor Power, We Need to Change America's Immigration Laws.

The Conclusive Data Supporting a 4-Day Work Week

"The Case for Economic Democracy" Finale + What Do You Want Next?

Utopia Or Dystopia: Modern Sci-Fi Reflects Our Fear of the Future

[Discussion] Bernie's New Book — Is Bernie's "Trojan Horse" Strategy the Correct Approach?

Taxes Aren't Theft. Profit Is.

JoeWrote March Roundup

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 7.1

March Madness, The Exploitation of Athlete Labor, and The Need to Support "Famous" Workers.

The 2 Rules We Can Use to End Gun Violence Without Disarming the Working Class.

[BONUS] Spoiler-Free Review of Jack London's "The Iron Heel"

[Discussion Thread] Bernie's New Book —

Responding to a Reader Question: What the Silicon Valley Bank Collapse Says About Money, and Capitalism.

By Refusing Socialism, We've Become a Society of Luddites

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 6.4

Yes, There Is Such a Thing As "Unskilled" Labor. But That Doesn't Matter.

[PODCAST] The JetBlue-Spirit Merger Shows Why Socialism is Better than Trust-Busting

"What the Hell Happened to Venezuela?" Part III: Protests & Political Instability

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 6.3

What the Left Can Hope to Gain From a Marianne Williamson Presidential Bid

[In Jacobin] We Aren't Talking Enough About Wage Theft

"What the Hell Happened to Venezuela?" Part II: Sanctions & Starvation

JoeWrote February Recap

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 6.2

Matt Walsh's Cruelty is the Right's New Strategy in the Culture War.

What the Hell Happened to Venezuela?

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 6.1

We Need to Outlaw Private Court Attorneys

Reader Promotion Thread! (Share Your Writing, Art, Music, Photography, etc.)

The Dominion v. Fox News Lawsuit Shows the Only Free Press is a Profit-Free Press

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 5.2

There Shouldn't Be Risk in An Economy

Answering the Question: "Don't Owners Deserve Profit for Taking All the Risk?"

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 5.1

No, There Is No "New Cold War"

[PODCAST] Interview with an Anonymous Starbucks Worker

The Super Bowl & Socialist Sports

JoeWrote January Roundup

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 4.2

Charity Shows Where Capitalism Fails.

[In WestWord] Denver's New Anti-Wage Theft Bill is a Victory for the Working Class

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 4.1

Responding to the Question: "Do Owners Deserve Compensation?"

Responding to the Question: "Don't Business Owners Deserve Profit?"

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 3.3

Understanding Propaganda

Surplus Value Explained: Why You Always Deserve a Raise

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 3.2

Congress's 2023 Budget Doesn't Match the Priorities of Americans.

Damar Hamlin, NFL Players as Workers, & Fan Solidarity.

The Case for Economic Democracy: Chapter 3.1

Sanctions Don't Work. U.S. Foreign Policy Should Forget Them.

Socialism is Post-Capitalist. Not Anti-Capitalist.

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